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  • Austere Oversized Power Recliner
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Austere Oversized Power Recliner
Item# - 3840082

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The Austere zero wall power recliner lives up to its name—if we’re talking minimizing space requirements and sparing that "puffy" look you might expect from a recliner. When it comes to contemporary style, it doesn't hold back. Subtle touches such as sporty jumbo stitching, nailhead trim and a "weather worn" effect on the upholstery give this handsome piece a buttoned-up appeal and fresh feel. One touch power means infinite ways to recline in style.
  • Zero Wall Power Wide Recliner Width: 139.70 cm
  • Zero Wall Power Wide Recliner Depth: 101.60 cm
  • Zero Wall Power Wide Recliner Height: 106.68 cm